Content Made by Canadians

One of our goals is to ensure that Canadian broadcasting content meets the needs and interests of Canadians by delivering compelling, high-quality Canadian-made creative content from diverse sources on a variety of platforms.

Among other things, we engage in public processes that:

  • generate content policies,
  • encourage linguistic duality,
  • support public affairs programming, and
  • support broadcasting for Canada’s diverse communities.

We also support the maintenance and development of Canadian talent by ensuring that Canadian artists can:

  • create content for both Canadian and global audiences,
  • that they can gain financial support, and
  • that they can promote their creations.

Other ongoing activities related to content made by Canadians include:

  • Analyzing various broadcasting licence applications from the perspective of content made by Canadians
  • Issuing Canadian Program Certification to independent Canadian program producers for TV productions that use mainly Canadian crews and talents
  • Monitoring the programming and financial performance of broadcasters to ensure they comply with regulations and licence conditions
Harnessing Change: The Future of Programming Distribution in Canada

Learn more about the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s and Société Radio-Canada’s (CBC/Radio-Canada) programming as part of the process to renew their broadcasting licences.

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