Local Number Portability, Roll-Out Notification for Nunavut

CISC Network Interconnection Group

Number portability is opened in the exchanges listed below for both local exchange and wireless services.

Telephone Exchanges with Number Portability

Exchange LNP in service date WNP in service date Notification letter
Arviat     2220513.pdf - 92KB
Baker Lake     2912986.pdf - 129KB
Cambridge Bay     3007522.pdf - 129KB
Igloolik     2425696.pdf - 160KB
1991344.docx - 262KB
Iqaluit 2013-04-03 2013-06-04 20130304.pdf - 53KB
Kugaaruk     2754957.pdf - 125KB
Pond Inlet     2733939.pdf - 159KB
Rankin Inlet     2299112.pdf - 107KB
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