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Emergency Services Working Group (ESWG)


The ESWG is composed of Telecommunication Service Providers, Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), and 9-1-1 Industry specialists. The Working Group addresses issues that relate to the provisioning of 9-1-1 services. This includes the technical and operational implementation of 9-1-1 services as assigned by the CRTC or as requested by stakeholders.

Emergency Services (9-1-1)

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9-1-1 Architecture

9-1-1 Data

Dual NPA-NXX Exchange

Evolution of 9-1-1 Service

Legal Issues

Miscellaneous (ie Information on existing 9-1-1 System/Service, Activity Reports)

Monthly Status Report

New NPA-NXX Notification Procedures

Operator Services

Pay Telephone Issues


Requests from other CISC Groups

Review of Network Operations Document

Routing of 0-Emergency Calls

Service Assurance

Service Request and Ordering Procedures between CLECs and the ILEC's Carrier Services Group (CSG)

Single End Office Serving a Broad Geographic Area

Trunk-side Interconnection Document

2009 Wireless Phase II Stage 1 Documents

Wireless CLECs

9-1-1 service in a VoIP environment