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2004-12-06- #: 8340-O2-200414590 - Ontario Telecommunications Association (OTA)/Bell Canada - Dedicated Services Interconnection and Settlement Agreement - Agreement 0966/00

2005-03-24 - Telecom Order CRTC 2005-114 Dedicated Services Interconnection and Settlement Agreements - The Commission approves with changes the applications and directs each of the small ILECs listed in paragraph 4 of the Order to amend the agreements in order to refer to its tariffs for those services with approved tariff rates. Given that the agreements are to be effective retroactive to 1 January 2003, the Commission approves on a final basis the 2002 network access tariffs for these small ILECs. Reference: 8340-B7-200415126; 8340-N6-200414110; 8340-C41-200414079; 8340-D3-200500729; 8340-K1-200415548; 8340-C4-200414087; 8340-W2-200414152; 8340-L1-200414095; 8340-U2-200414144; 8340-S5-200414136; 8340-O2-200414590; 8340-S4-200414128; 8340-M4-200414103.

2005-01-06 - Commission Correspondence - English Version Only - "Hard Copy document"
Description: Letter addressed to Ontario Telecommunications Association (OTA) - Re: Dedicated Services Interconnection and Settlement Agreement